Rua Na Bilo-Sage's Finest

Rua In Action-Sage's Finest (soon to come) 

   Here's pictures of our crew in action, doin things, such as,  sea battles, sword fights, rumble, and much of the other puzzles, that come with adventuring with us. (If you have any pictures, or videos that you would like to post on here, send an e-mail to

                                                             The On-slaught Has Begun!!!

Herelies Our Fleet, Small Yet Massive

Hrackcoe~Sloop, Unique Haddock.

Starkisses~Long Ship, Blazing Black Dragon~Sloop, Proud Barbel.

Alexandrite~Sloop, Brilliant Silverside.

Fildur~Dhow, Little Guppy

Crew Use Ships~Sloop, Agreed Pike~Sloop, Succesful Spot.

Crew Funding Ship~Cutter, Fatty Shad, (Hrackcoe)


Remember to read Officer Bulletin before using any unlocked ships!!!