Rua Na Bilo-Sage's Finest

Rua Na Bilo-Who We Are.

               Rua Na Bilo: Founded on the 22nd day of, January, 2009.  Sister crew to Dua Na Bilo, founded on the 6th day of, September, 2007.  A little information about Rua, starts with this:  Hrackoe, the founder, joined with Dua Na Bilo in August of 2008, after a few weeks of hanging out with Kadavuchik, Bingomomma, and Morkaleb.  My wife, Starkisses, joined up before me, then  after some thought and consideration, (and my old captain making me mad), I decided I must join this fun-loving crew, and become part of what, at that time, I didn't know would lead to such a great, piratey, future, amongst not only all the crew, and our flag,  but true friends.

                 Rua starts with this,  a small yet stout fleet of : Hrackcoe's 2 ships, and whichever ships I believe Dethdealer (merging over from Dua Nabilo) may have with him, plus Starkisses brought over her 2 ships.  There, will soon be many others to follow suit,  deciding that they like the atmosphere of the two crews, and the flag as a whole, and hopefully make us the best there is, or at least close. We're not too sure at who all will be here from the start, this became bigger than we had hoped for. Well we have parted from the tribe, and moved on.  The "Elder's" (Dua Na Bilo), still are there but are the lesser, now here we are firm and strong, the outcasts of the tribe, the misfits, bringing on more members daily,while the "Elders" sit back and watch as we commit crimes, plunder hoardes, and go totally against all the laws  they had set before us, to follow, on their terms. Now, we have set our own terms,  our own guidelines,  we have no hard feelings towards the "Elders",  and hopefully vice-versa,  but it was time for us to move on, go our separate ways, and grow in a way we all felt comfortable with.  

               To all who joined from the start, and to all the new crew members,  Fair winds to you all, and let's help make the flag one of the greatest in Sage Ocean's history, if not we will sink trying.  But seriously,  thank you all who have helped make this possible, help make Dua and Rua what they have become today, small, yet powerful.  Morkaleb, Bingomomma, Kadavuchik, Kaikoro, Starkisses, and Finder,  a special thanks to all of you, the main force of the crew, the ones we will always be able to count on, wether parlor games, or pirate adventures out on the sea,  they rock, they will always rock, for they paved this way for us and made this possible, no matter what the outcome turns out to be.